National I-Corps

Taking your startup to the next level

Teams that are successful in the 4-session Hub Regional Program may want to move forward on developing their idea into an active startup company.

The NSF I-Corps Teams program is an intensive 7-week bootcamp that covers many key concepts related to testing and building a business model.

Teams are selected for participation in the program on a competitive basis. If selected, teams will participate alongside teams from other regions.

During the program, teams complete new 100 customer interviews and must attend all sessions.

"The NSF I-Corps Teams program is incredibly rewarding. In less than two months the team will learn what it typically takes entrepreneurs two years to learn." - Christina Pellicane, I-Corps Northeast Hub Lead Instructor

The NSF I-Corps Teams program is an intensive time commitment. Each team member will have to put in many hours and should not expect to have significant free time for other activities, including lab work, during the 7-week program. 

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Previous participation in the Hub 4-session course is not required, but is highly recommended.
  • To be eligible, the team must have an NSF research grant relevant to the technology being developed by the team or have participated in a regional I-Corps program.
  • Teams accepted into the program receive a $50,000 grant for the purpose of conducting customer interviews. 

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