I-Corps Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting exemplifies our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Held Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at Princeton University, the I-Corps Northeast Hub annual meeting attracted researchers exploring startup opportunities, seasoned entrepreneurs, and those who are enthusiastic about the intersection of technology and innovation.

View photos from the event, read our event recap story, and see the list of sessions and speakers below.

Science and entrepreneurship converge at I-Corps Northeast Hub annual meeting

By Alaina O'Regan

More than half a million patent applications arrive at the U.S. Patent Office each year, but how many make it into tangible innovations that benefit society? On October 18th, researchers and entrepreneurs came together at Princeton University to find answers to this challenge at the first-annual meeting of the I-Corps Northeast Hub.

“Innovation is not just about creating something new,” said Dr. Calvin Mackie, the event's keynote speaker who...

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Meeting Overview

Participants at the meeting were able to:

  1. Connect with entrepreneurial mentors and industry leaders.
  2. Celebrate your path toward entrepreneurial goals, startup formation, and new ventures.
  3. Grow your knowledge-base by meeting experts from a diverse range of disciplines and industries, and establish connections that can drive your projects and initiatives forward.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Keynote speakers from the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Panel discussions on emerging trends and opportunities in various sectors.
  • Breakout sessions focused on skill-building, best practices, and interactive workshops.
  • Poster sessions showcasing cutting-edge research and its potential for commercialization.
  • Networking sessions designed to facilitate meaningful connections.

About the I-Corps Northeast Hub: Funded by the National Science Foundation, the I-Corps Northeast Hub is a community of 10 universities plus community partners who are growing the impact of their research and technologies through innovation. All programs are free and open to any researchers and innovators, regardless of affiliation, throughout the Northeast.



Scott Alpizar
Director of Venture Commercialization, Foundation Venture Capital Group
Caitlin Baiduc
I-Corps Manager
Dan Benderly
Associate Director, New Ventures
Nidhal Bouaynaya
Faculty Lead
Stephanie Budijono
Lead Mentor, I-Corps Northeast Hub
Shawn Chester
Associate Vice Provost for Research Collaborations and Partnerships, NJIT
Marcus Crews
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Loyola Marymount University
Lori Dars
Regional Instructor Trainer and Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Mark DeGuzman
I-Corps Manager
Tabbetha Dobbins
Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Rowan University
Jose R. Dominguez
Senior Project Administrator, Rutgers University | Former I-Corps Fellow
Linda Edouard
Deputy Research Lead, I-Corps Northeast Hub
Michael Ehrlich
Faculty Lead
Yazmin Feliz
Lead Mentor
Daniel Freeman
Faculty Lead and Founding Director, Horn Entrepreneurship
Yusef Fullman
Biomedical Engineering Student, NJIT and Former I-Corps Fellow
Allyson Karpyn
Professor, Co-Director Center for Research in Education and Social Policy - University of Delaware
Julia Kastner
Chief Product Officer, NeuroFlow
Julius Korley
Co-Director, I-Corps Northeast Hub
Trifon Liakopoulos
President, CEO & Founder, Enachip, Inc
Philip Loew
Senior Director Expansion, Activate
Calvin Mackie
President and CEO, STEM NOLA 
Andressa Marangon
Senior, NJIT
Haydee Pacheco
Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers Technology Transfer Fellow
Connie Pascal
Lecturer, Rutgers University
Christina Pellicane
Lead Instructor
Rodney Priestley
Co-Director, I-Corps Northeast Hub
Jeffrey Robinson
Research Lead
David Stengle
Lead Mentor
Manny Stockman
Partner, Osage University Partners
Jaume Villanueva
Assistant Professor, Management & Global Business, Rutgers University
Lee Zane
Associate Professor, Rowan University