2024 I-Corps Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

Participants at the meeting will be able to:

  1. Connect with entrepreneurial mentors and industry leaders.
  2. Celebrate your path toward entrepreneurial goals, startup formation, and new ventures.
  3. Grow your knowledge base by meeting experts from diverse disciplines and industries, and establish connections that can drive your projects and initiatives forward.

Who should attend:

Researchers exploring startups and technology transfer, beginning and experienced entrepreneurs, and anyone enthusiastic about the intersection of technology and business as a way to build the economy and generate societal benefits. We welcome:

  • Members of the I-Corps community (participants, alumni, mentors, instructors, staff, industry leaders, and partners in the entrepreneurship community)
  • Researchers and entrepreneurs who are new to I-Corps and want to learn more about our ecosystem:
    • College and university faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral and staff researchers
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship supporters and organizations (tech transfer officers, communicators, small business development organizations)
    • Innovators in the community who are developing startups and ventures

Agenda Highlights:

  • Keynote speakers from the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Panel discussions on emerging trends and opportunities in various sectors.
  • Breakout sessions focused on skill-building, best practices, and interactive workshops.
  • Poster sessions showcasing cutting-edge research and its potential for commercialization.
  • Networking sessions designed to facilitate meaningful connections.

About the I-Corps Northeast Hub: Funded by the National Science Foundation, the I-Corps Northeast Hub is a community of 11 universities plus community partners who are growing the impact of their research and discoveries through innovation. All programs are free and open to researchers and innovators throughout the Northeast, regardless of affiliation with a Hub partner institution.