Novus - online

Introductory training/workshop/networking event to learn how to shift the focus from the science/technology to the people it benefits.
Aug 17, 2023, 9:30 am12:30 pm


Event Description

Learn about the impact your research or innovation could have in solving real-world problems by attending our Novus I-Corps program, a half-day online introduction to NSF I-Corps.

The Novus I-Corps Program provides an opportunity for individuals and teams with innovations to:

  1. Shift the mindset from science and technology to learning about the people it could benefit
  2. Understand how Customer Discovery drives innovation (and gets you out of the building!)
  3. Meet local I-Corps Program Leaders and Tech Transfer Officers to guide your journey
  4. Learn tips for success from an I-Corps alumni Panel sharing their experience
  5. (Optional) Network with others to form teams to become eligible for the Propelus I-Corps program

Who Should Attend? (Individuals and teams from all across the Northeast Region are invited)

  • University faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and/or undergraduates who are developing a scientific or technical discovery.
  • Innovators from the broader community without university affiliation who want to advance their tech-startup idea or patented innovation
  • Individuals who want to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship & potentially join a team
  • Student Organization / Program leaders who want to learn more about how I-Corps can benefit their members


  • TRAINING: Three-hour training introducing the I-Corps Lean LaunchPad approach to evaluating technologies through customer-discovery research, focused on identifying the technology’s potential for development in a startup or other venture.
  • NETWORKING: Build relationships with local I-Corps program leaders to get guidance and support. Individuals can form teams to be eligible to apply for the Regional I-Corps program.
  • PREPARATION: Attendees will be prepared to begin a journey of Customer Discovery with their own team or with a team they newly created.
  • FOLLOW-ON OPPORTUNITIES: Attendees can be recommended to a 4-week Regional Propelus I-Corps Program ($3,000 NSF grant to do Customer Discovery)