Commitment to inclusive innovation

Fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in all opportunities.

Growing opportunities for all

Here at the Northeast I-Corps Hub, we're not just training the next wave of STEM leaders; we’re on a mission to open doors and break down barriers to ensure that prosperity and global competitiveness includes voices from all walks of life. 

Our pledge to inclusivity goes beyond buzzwords. It includes, for example: 

  • Cultivating a diverse mentor network of accomplished individuals who've successfully navigated the startup landscape and are committed to guiding you through the journey. 
  • Ensuring that our Hub instructors and mentors reflect the rich diversity of our region. 
  • Actively recruiting and uplifting voices that have been historically sidelined in entrepreneurship. 

In collaboration with partner institutions, we're forging meaningful relationships with minority-serving institutions to enrich our community of innovators.

Become a mentor

I-Corps Fellowship

The I-Corps Fellowship Program creates pathways for students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities at the Northeast I-Corps Hub. This program is open to all eligible participants, regardless of identity.

As an I-Corps Fellow, you may be called upon to join an existing team and participate in an upcoming Propelus program.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to the team's I-Corps activities, including:

  • Preparing and conducting Customer Discovery interviews
  • Documenting interviews
  • Assisting with preparing and presenting the weekly worksheet assignments
  • Participating in Office Hours with the Teaching Team
  • Other activities suited to your interests, expertise and schedule.

*Note: As part of the Fellowship, you will not be expected to contribute to a team's laboratory research efforts.

To learn more and apply, please visit the website of our partner institution Rutgers University:


Our community

Yazmin Feliz

Lead Mentor, Instructor

"I support diversity recruitment into our hub to engage researchers from all backgrounds. I-Corps has shaped my journey in unexpected ways, and there are plenty of opportunities to become a valuable member and support the growth of our innovative ecosystem.”

Andrea Hess

Entrepreneurial Lead

"Our team's work during the Propelus program was invaluable! The assignments helped us see our target customer and tailor our message with them in mind. Now that we are ready to engage with our audience, we are much more confident and focused."

Michael W. Craige

I-Corps Fellow, Entrepreneurial Lead, Mentor

"The support, mentorship, and knowledge gained greatly accelerated the innovation journey and equipped founders with the know-how to navigate the path of bringing their research from the lab to the market."

Garrett Williams

Entrepreneurial Lead

"Thanks to this experience, I've expanded my skills as an entrepreneur, communicator, and person. I’m very excited to see what future opportunities I'll have to 'get out of the building' again."