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I-Corps regional programs

Novus - learn the basics

Image of a supernova. Text: Novus, an introductory I-Corps Regional Program. Begin your innovation journey and learn about the path to entrepreneurship.

Novus is a half-day program followed by self-paced coursework that introduces participants to I-Corps methodology for charting the path to startup or entrepreneurial venture.

Who is it for?

Researchers, scientists and engineers who have an idea, a technology, or curiosity are welcome to participate. Novus is open to individuals or teams of university researchers, regional tech entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in exploring the world of innovation. 

You will learn to:

  • Articulate your hypotheses about customer needs that your tech could address.
  • Understand who the users, payors, and decision makers are in your customer ecosystem.
  • Test your hypotheses via conversations with potential customers.

Attend to learn the basics of how to test your business idea and how to win a $3,000 grant from the Northeast I-Corps Hub.

Registration is free and open to individuals as well as teams.

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Propelus - begin your journey

Woman with microscope. Text: Propelus can help take your discovery from the lab to society.

Propelus is a four-week program designed for research teams to explore how your discovery can help potential customers and meet industry needs as a startup or venture.  

Who is it for?

University researchers, scientists, engineers and their team members, including postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, who work as a team to translate their discovery or technology into a startup or venture.

You will learn the I-Corps Methodology, which includes:

  • Developing your Business Model – specifically Value Propositions and Customer Segments.
  • Testing your business model hypotheses by talking to potential customers.
  • Identifying which market or industry is the best first one to enter.

Participants receive a $3,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and have the opportunity to advance to the National I-Corps program where they may receive a $50,000 NSF grant.

Check our Engage page for details about how to form a team and apply.

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I-Corps Fellowship Program

The I-Corps Fellowship Program creates pathways for students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities at the Northeast I-Corps Hub. This program is open to all eligible participants, regardless of identity.

As an I-Corps Fellow, you may be called upon to join an existing team and participate in an upcoming Propelus program.

You will have the opportunity to observe and contribute to the team's I-Corps activities, including:

  • Preparing and conducting Customer Discovery interviews
  • Documenting interviews
  • Assisting with preparing and presenting the weekly worksheet assignments
  • Participating in Office Hours with the Teaching Team
  • Other activities suited to your interests, expertise and schedule.

*Note: As part of the Fellowship, you will not be expected to contribute to a team's laboratory research efforts.

To learn more and apply, please the website of our partner institution Rutgers University.

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Co-programming & events

Info Sessions

We host regular info sessions to introduce researchers and tech entrepreneurs to the I-Corps program.

These sessions are online, and are hosted by alternating Faculty Leads at each of our Hub universities.

Attend an info session to learn more about I-Corps and how you can propel your science or technology toward a startup or venture for societal benefit.

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Innovating Together

The Innovating Together series is a public online event that features experts from regional entrepreneurship programs in conversation with I-Corps instructors and graduates to identify next steps opportunities for innovators in the Northeast region.

You will learn about available regional opportunities that when combined with I-Corps can connect you with the right training, network, funding, and mentorship to help bring your innovation closer to solving real-world problems, building proof-of-concept prototypes, and creating high tech-startups.

Past partners for Innovating Together events include IndieBio, HAX, Foundation Venture Capital Group, Activate, Merck Digital Sciences Studio, The Innovation Space and Cleantech Open Northeast.

These online events are free and open to the public. Whether you're far along in your commercialization journey or just starting out and wanting to learn more about innovation, all are welcome!

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Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship Essentials is a series of free virtual workshops that highlight important topics surrounding early stage ventures.

Each webinar will feature an expert who volunteers to present a 30-minute talk followed by a 30-minute Q&A from the audience.

Entrepreneurship Essentials is open to current and past NSF I-Corps participants, as well as to deep tech entrepreneurs interested in joining future I-Corps regional programs.

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Hub Assembly

The NE I-Corps Hub Assembly is an opportunity for I-Corps alumni to reconnect with I-Corps friends and learn about additional opportunities.

Hub assemblies are open to current and past participants of the four-week Propelus I-Corps or the Novus I-Corps program, as well as I-Corps instructors and mentors.

This is your opportunity to:

  • Hear about what the NE I-Corps Hub has accomplished so far and plans for the rest of 2023!
  • Engage with various program leaders, funders, and investors in the Northeast Region who can offer exciting opportunities at various stages of development including National I-Corps
  • Identify Instructors and Pod Mentors that could potentially join your team as an Industry Mentor in National I-Corps
  • Network with other I-Corps teams from other institutions across the Northeast Region and share Customer Discovery stories from the field!
  • Celebrate the accomplishments you've achieved so far and look forward to a productive rest of the year!

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