Pinegem selected for Cleantech Open Northeast accelerator

June 24, 2024

Pinegem, a startup that is developing clean energy-powered robots using precision location and visual AI for lawn care, has been accepted into the 2024 Cleantech Open Northeast startup accelerator. The team, which participated in the I-Corps Northeast Hub Propelus training program earlier this year, is working on turning the repetitive chore of lawn mowing into an automated task easily handled by AI-enhanced robotic machinery.

“Our I-Corps experience definitely played a great role in the decision to participate in the Cleantech accelerator,” said William Jiang, who is cofounding Pinegem with George Jiang. “We are proud also to get support from the New Jersey Council on Science and Technology. We are working with Montclair State University to develop our technology.”

Team Members: George Jiang, William Jiang, Margaret Zhu