Andressa Marangon

Senior, NJIT


As a fourth-year undergraduate student, Andressa Marangon has exemplified unwavering determination in her collaborative efforts while maintaining a strong sense of autonomy. Proficient in three languages—English, Spanish, and Portuguese—she is currently enrolled at the Newark Institute of Technology, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology with a minor in nanotechnology, focusing on physics.

Andressa's journey, marked by self-reliance, has cultivated her discipline, organizational skills, trustworthiness, diligence, and unyielding persistence. Her exceptional academic accomplishments have earned her membership in the Honor Society and the Golden Key honor achievement. She is an active participant in several campus organizations, including the Engineers Without Borders Club, the Entrepreneur Society, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Notably, she received the prestigious 2021 IEEE Undergraduate Student Fellowship and the EOP Highest Senior GPA Award.

Through a series of challenges and experiences, Andressa's resolve to become a researcher has been fortified. Over the past two years, she has engaged in research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program. Her work has predominantly focused on assessing the antibacterial properties of a copper composite treated with plasma and developing a thermochromic ring, all under the guidance of Professor Clive Li, Ph.D. As a MacNair Scholar, she has contributed to the publication of two journal articles mentored by Professor Hieu Pham Trung Nguyen, Ph.D.

Having collaborated closely with Ph.D. students in her field, Andressa is more determined than ever to further her studies. Her post-graduation plans include pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in nanotechnology. Her goal is to leverage her knowledge to contribute to the development of a groundbreaking food processing device.

In her current role as the Entrepreneurial Lead (E.L) for our team during the NSF I-Corps program, Andressa Marangon will play a pivotal role in Quantum NanoTECH. Founded and led by her as CEO, our innovative technology company specializes in Electronic and Photonic Devices. Our flagship products include cost-efficient LEDs designed for food disinfection, preservation, and ripening, as well as ultra-powerful low-power memory chips (RRAM) enhanced by a remarkable 1000 times through quantum dot technology.

Andressa's leadership as CEO, combined with Quantum NanoTECH's participation in the NSF Regional Program, underscores our firm commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and cost-efficiency across a diverse range of customer segments. This firmly positions us as pioneers in the Electronic and Photonic Devices industry.