Connie Pascal

Lecturer, Rutgers University

Connie Pascal holds a PhD in Communication, Information, and Media, along with a master's degree in communication with a specialization in organizational communication, both earned from Rutgers University School of Communication & Information. She is currently an educator, instructing undergraduate informatics courses and overseeing experiential learning activities at SC&I. Connie actively engages in research initiatives through her affiliations with Rutgers Hemp Program, the RU Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems (RUCAFE) and the New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Product labs. She also contributes to instructional design and educational efforts related to informatics, and hemp and cannabis cultivation and business practices.

As an entrepreneur, Connie is recognized as a pioneering figure and one of the early female entrants into the online HR Technology and talent management industry. She successfully launched one of the first profitable online applicant tracking firms, which she later sold to Ceridian. Throughout her career in industry, Connie has held a diverse array of roles, ranging from consultant positions to executive leadership roles. Her extensive experience as a lifelong angel investor has equipped her with valuable insights into both achieving success and overcoming setbacks.