John Coulter

Faculty Lead
Lehigh University

John Coulter conducts research on fundamental issues related to material processing, manufacturing science, and intelligent manufacturing. This involves the study of novel processing methodologies, process modeling, product quality monitoring during processing, and knowledge based control for continuous process optimization. While he has worked with a variety of different materials, current research thrusts of his laboratory target enhanced polymer molding processes.

Dr. Coulter holds three patents, and has authored over 150 professional technical publications. He has also organized a number of international workshops and symposia related to material processing, and has served on three international journal editorial boards. He has received numerous research and teaching awards while at Lehigh, including the National Young Investigator (NYI) and Presidential Faculty Fellowship (PFF) awards from the National Science Foundation. He has also received a Future Technology Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers and two Innovative Curriculum Awards from ASME. His manufacturing research efforts at Lehigh have been and continue to be funded by a mix of industrial sponsors as well as federal and state agencies.