Trifon Liakopoulos

President, CEO & Founder, Enachip, Inc

Trifon is a leading innovator and award-winning industry pioneer in Wafer Level Magnetics with over 25 years of experience. In 2018 he founded Enachip, where he serves as its CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, with the vision to offer an integrated power management technology platform based on innovative manufacturing, materials, and viable design solutions. 

Trifon started his carrier at Bell Labs at Murray Hill, NJ, in late 90s pioneering the early concepts of Power System in Package. Few years later, in early 2000s, he co-founded Enpirion, a Bell Labs spinout that established itself as the first company to integrate and successfully commercialize the world’s first Power System in Package and PwrSoC devices, before its acquisition by Altera and subsequently Intel. 

Trifon has background in Physics and Microfabrication Engineering, and he holds over 20 patents. He is a member of the PwrSoC steering committee, has served on the Board of Trustees at the University of Ioannina Greece, and he is currently President of the international Power Supply Manufacturer’s Association and member of its Board of Directors.